SD&S - SIRA Awards Banquet

January 12, 2013

Golden Steer Restaurant


The evening began with a nice roast beef dinner.  After everyone had their tummies filled awards were presented to the winners for the 2012 racing year.


Seattle Drag and Ski:

Rookie of the Year                                 Dave Hooker

Winningist Hydro                                     Brian Hajny

Hard Luck Award                                   Dave Weber

Winningist Runabout                              Jeff Gibson

Piss’N Moan Award                               Jeff Gibson

Atta Boy Andy                                         Chas Dodge

Golden Muzzle                                       Dick Price


Seattle Inboard Racing Association:

Inspirational Award                               Don Kelson

Sportsmanship Award                          Russ Dodge

Club High Point Award                         Jeff Gibson

5 Litre High Point Award                      Jimmy Mauldin


SIRA Sponsorship Awards:

John Walcker for his continued leadership of the Norm Evans Memorial Regatta in Chelan.

Kathy Jones & the Can-Am Committee for their work on the Can-Am Apple Cup in Oroville.

Jinnie and Dave Bartholmew for their tremendous leadership and hustle and many contributions they made in chairing the Can-Am Apple Cup.  Jinnie’s enthusiasm was a refreshing experience and her tireless efforts were the reason for the race success.


SIRA Outgoing Officer Recognition:

Ron Jones Jr      Commodore              Thanks for your 4 years of dedication to the organization.

Russ Dodge        Vice-Commodore    Thanks for your 6 years of dedication to the organization.

Carol Dodge       Treasurer                   Thanks for your 18 years of dedication to the organization.


I-Tune cards to the kids who did the flags at the tower for the racers.  CarsonDodge,ColtonHarn, Jacob Mauldin.


Girls gifts were given to the registrars, scorers and timers.  Kim Bussmeir,  Carol Dodge, Gail Dugan,  Gail Gibson,  Kelli Hartt,  Sue Huck,  Cindy Lounsbury,  Tandi Mauldin, Teresa Rommel,  Jan Shaw, and Pat Yarno.


Raffle winners of $25 dinner gift cards were given to: Mary Baker, Keiley Marquard, Bob Schellhase, Sharon Scott,and Brien Weher.  Dave Hooker was the winner of the bottle of wine donated by Bob Schellhase. 


At the end of the evening it was announced by Jim Labrie that he and Kim Brough are getting married this coming Thursday Jan. 17th.


More pictures coming soon!

Rookie of the YEAR