Inboard rule changes and vote tally

Here is the link to see the 2014 inboard rule changes and vote tally :


Soap Lake Regatta set to return with powerboat racing in 2014


Soap Lake Hydroplane Regatta June 14&15,2014 presented by the DEL RED PUB

The Soap Lake Hydroplane Regatta and Seattle Drag and Ski Sprint Boat Association is very pleased to officially announce that the THE DEL RED PUB has again stepped up to be the title sponsor for the 2014 event. Jill and John Larson are so important to the community of Soap Lake. We are honored that they once again decided to be a major part of our June 14 and 15 event. Thanks Jill and John.

Congratulations to CHARLIE Marquard who made it into the APBA Hall Of Champions .....WAY TO GO!!!!

Here is the list of inductees:                                                                    Junior Classes: Austin Price and Jared Pavlick
PRO: Jay Walls Jr. and Michael Thirlby
Stock Outboard: Edward Hearn, Donny Allen III and Tony Lombardo 
Modified Outboard: Eric VanOver, Andy Hansen and Daniel Koschka
Inboard: Dan Kanfoush, Charlie Marquard and Robbie Devine 
Inboard Endurance: David Rankin
OPC: Terry Rinker and RJ West

Unlimited: Jimmy Shane


2013 Award winners

Doug Jancura Sportsman/Inspirational-------Brian Wehrer






Hard Luck/Bernie Burndown------Dave Weber 









Winningest Flatbottom/Rookies of the year------Kyle & Dan Bement

RIP Kyle Bement 11-30-13 Parker, AZ

 APBA Rookie of the Year



Atta Boy Andy------Levi Weber

Golden Muzzle-----Aaron Murck

J-Kids with Commodore Lenny Baker

Winningest Hydro-------Brian Hajny

Piss & Moan-----Dick Price


As published by Terry Anderson on Facebook:

Here is a great picture of the FUTURE OF BOAT RACING IN REGION 10. Each of these 12 drivers showed excellent driving skills and friendship to each other all weekend. I am proud to be a member of Seattle Drag and Ski Sprint Boat Association who stepped up to help sponsor this great group of kids this weekend. And actually there was another kid that didn't make the picture. Soap Lake resident Bryce McLean

Here is a link for a story on a boat racing family in Soap Lake:


Here are the results for the J kids from Soap Lake

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A classic experience

North Kitsap Herald Editor
August 15, 2013 · 2:35 PM

Ken Niemann of Ken’s Northwest Automotive behind the wheel of his 1956 Chevy two-door post, which was restored by fellow mechanics at competing businesses. Niemann, who is being treated for cancer, took the car to Hot August Nights in Reno. / RICHARD WALKER / HERALD

POULSBO — It’s a Friday night and Ken Niemann and his son, Kenny, are living the dream, cruising Virginia Avenue in a cherry ’56 Chevy two-door post.

There is no cancer here, not on this day. This is Hot August Nights in Reno, baby. Just a warm evening breeze, Dion and the Belmonts on the radio, and cars that made America great. The clock’s turned back and, while Niemann’s future may be uncertain, right now he has all he needs — a driver’s license and a hot car.

“I don’t have words to describe it,” Niemann said in a call from Reno.

A lot of friends pitched in to make Niemann’s dream become real. Niemann, owner of Ken’s Automotive on Viking Avenue, could never quite find the time to bring life to that old Chevy he had stored in his garage. Then, one day, time was no longer an option. That’s when Del Mueller of Del’s Automotive Service in Suquamish stepped in.

Mueller and Niemann have known each other for years, have passed jobs to each other when their appointment books are full, even lent each other equipment and tools. And Mueller knew about that old Chevy that had been sitting in Niemann’s garage for five years, a symbol of a dream unfulfilled.

So, Mueller recruited a team of volunteers from his shop and others, and set to work restoring that ’56 Chevy to its former glory. These guys — many of them from competing shops — devoted their spare time to the project and donated all of their labor.

“It shows what happens when people work together,” Mueller said. “This was a friendship thing. If we could do it again, we’d do it again.”

The team included Mueller; John Ball of John’s Body Shop, Poulsbo; Tony Miller of Stitches Custom Auto Upholstery; Westbay NAPA Auto Parts, Poulsbo; Chris Petty of Firestone Tire, East Bremerton; Kitsap Towing; Cliff’s Classic Chevrolet; and RJ Ohnhaus of Mobile Radio.

“We got the car on Oct. 15 — the shell, the frame, and six truckloads of parts,” Mueller said. The car was ready Aug. 6. Niemann and his son left for America’s premier automotive event the next day, returning home Aug. 13 after six days of adventure.

“I was here six or seven years ago, but at the time I didn’t have a [classic] car,” Niemann said of Hot August Nights. “It’s grown into something huge. Every casino has a parking lot full of cars.”

The afternoon of Aug. 9, six hours before the cruise down Virginia Avenue, Niemann was standing in a parking lot with 750 of the 20,000 cars wowing onlookers in Reno.  His car — with its bright white finish, gleaming chrome and leather seats — was turning heads.

“Everyone comes up and asks, ‘Is that leather? I’d give my eye teeth to have seats like that.’ Then they look at the engine and say, ‘Oh, my god.’ They’re amazed,” Niemann said. He estimates the restoration’s value at $150,000.

Hot August Nights — this year it was Aug. 6-10 — is reportedly the largest classic car event in the U.S. It features a classic-car auction, car shows, cruises, drag races, a sock hop, and live entertainment. This year’s lineup included Lil’ Elmo & The Cosmos, Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers, Paul Revere & The Raiders, and Tower of Power.

Niemann said of his car’s restoration: “It’s something I started on five years ago, then I got sick. Guys like Del, John and Tony took the car over and put it together for me. I would never have gotten the car together. I was in the hospital off and on for nine months. I still need chemo treatment, so at night I’m pretty tired. I still go to work — at least six or seven hours a day — but by the end of the day I’m well wore out.”

This story is about how a man’s dream was made real by the generosity of others. It’s also about Niemann’s determination to beat cancer — the sarcoidosis he was first diagnosed with in October 2009, and the brain tumor that was discovered in April 2012. Last year, doctors didn’t give him hope of seeing much of the year 2013. Today, he takes an experimental form of chemotherapy — in pill form — daily. He once stood 6 feet, weighed 285 and had long dark brown hair. He’s now 5-11, 208 pounds, and his hair is growing back wavy and curly. The tumor is dormant, he said.

Niemann has turned over management of his 25-year-old automotive business to his daughter, Jennifer, and plans to attend a drag race in Las Vegas in October, followed by a trip to Phoenix for a NASCAR race. Come 2014, he plans on showing his ’56 Chevy in regional car shows.

The car is therapeutic for Niemann. “It makes me forget I have cancer,” he said.




This is the new race course of the D-Lake quarter mile and Kilo as drawn by Mark Mead. Notarized copies are on there way to APBA for submittal. We have already run them by Lee Eason and he has pre-approved with a couple of small changes made per his request. Racers will be able to run on either side of the 300 foot buoy (except inboard category) at the Race chairman's discretion.

Please distribute this map (new survey of 1/4 mile and kilo) as needed to help boost participants. This quarter mile will be the fastest liquid quarter mile in the world. Entry from either end of the lake is protected from most weather. The entrance to scanner one has also been vastly improved by moving the entry buoy in towards the scanner giving the participant a much better and longer line up to the course.

Thanks for your help in making this year a great year to set a record at Devils Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon. Race dates October 5-6, 2013. Salmon dinner at Craig’s on Saturday the 5th.

Any questions, feel free to contact.

    Craig Selvidge
        P.O. Box 371
Lincoln City, OR 97367
 Office; 541-994-4707
   Cell; 503-807-4241


The service for Dick Neeson is set for June 19th, Wednesday, at 2 pm at Beck's Funeral Home 405 Fifth Ave South in downtown Edmonds. There will be a reception following at the same location. Click on this link for the obituary (


Newest APBA rules are posted


Jim Gram #2


Hi All

  just got a phone call from Terry Anderson, the head muck at SOAP LAKE event coming up,, he wound up!!!

The City is roaring with excitement and the press over on that side of the hill is reved up and going after the event big time.


It looks like a lot of us are going over Friday @ noonish  to make a day out of it and visit the pub, our Pub director , Aaron Murk, will be directing traffic towards our sponsors place, Del Red Pub. right after and before we start working on Set Up.

Remember this is a new site and is a little different set up from our old Moses site, an early arrrival  is always good.

A call from Shawn Bridgeman , vice shair of the southern end of the club says a nice field of G P will be there,  and Justin and Steph will be there with the 5 litre, and carrot top all the family,,,  .

The J drivers are coming to give it a go, I love watching the young racers go at it.

The club shirts for the event will be there as are the new club decals.

 You can send your entries to Carol Dodge at home and if you need help with a hotel call Terry Anderson , number and more info  available on the Seattle Drag and Ski web site (


see ya all there



2013 Jim Gram #1 


Hi all, yes I am alive, and doing just dandy thanks,


We have been working on the first couple of races for the coming season, so I thought I would like to fill you in to Stuff going on :

 The state parks guys say they will enforce the state pass for the parking at or around the Hydro pits at Lawrence .  You must have one to park over there. NOT necessary in the roll in pit area.  ALSO the parking this year is limited to a certain number of vehicles so early bird will get the worm so to speak.

there will be camping available at the host site, and there will be a charge for that camping, more to follow   I think there is plenty of room there, Right now  Food is limited  they did not sell enough last time to warrant the effort(per them),  I will follow up later on this .

 We have several "patrons" who stepped up to help do this event, so thanks to them, and yes Jet Chevrolet is back , and so is the new 1 and 2/3 mile course, that will get us by docks =:))

 So get your parking permits, good for Lawrence , Sammamish

Black lake and Moses. where state rules apply

see ya soon


THINK SOAP LAKE  we are back !!!!

JIM  C. 


Two more capsule training sessions remain this season:

Saturday March 16, Renton - Hazen High School Pool 12pm-3pm

Saturday April 13, Fife - City Swim Center Pool 3:30pm-6:30pm Map:

Hazen High School Pool: The pools location baffles some GPS map programs, so look for the high school, not the pool. Enter via a driveway near the intersection of Hoquiam Ave NE, and NE 11th Street. Pool is located near the track. Remember this is school district property. There is no tobacco use of any kind on the property, not even outside.

To Pre-register, please E-mail the following information to
1) Your Full Name
2) Home Address
3) Phone number
4) APBA Number
5) Is this your first capsule training? (Y/N)
6) What Class are you driving?

You will be contacted by phone or E-mail with an appointment time.
Please show up at the pool in all your gear, ready to go in, at your appointment time. From your helmet to your gloves to your shoes, please test in what you drive in.
If you are late, we will work you in where we can.
Please note that if for some reason you participate but don't qualify(equip failure, etc), we will re-test you at a later session at no charge.
If you don't get pre-registered but would still like to participate, come see us at 9 and we will try to get you an appointment.

There are two options for payment; you can either send a payment early via Paypal, or check ($50 if you pre-register), or pay by cash or check at the pool ($60). You will receive detailed payment info when you receive your appointment confirmation.

Hope to see you there!
Region 10 Patrol and Rescue Capsule Training Team.


Time to kick the repairs and improvements to you boat into high gear. Carol and I are headed to Olympia to submit a request for a regatta at Lawrence Lake. It looks very good for SIRA to put on this race --- Date: April 27 - 28. The plan is to run the 1 2/3 mile course. Yep, that's right! I have reconfigured the course to keep it away from the LLCC dock. It is quite a change and has taken a lot of time and will be submitted to APBA soon. We will run the same format of Inboards, OPCs, and selected Outboards. Don't put off the work on your craft and miss out on the 1 2/3 mile "Run for the Records" experience.

Russ Dodge
Call 206 365-4094 for more info or



Have you got yours yet? If not join today by clicking on the picture of the new decal below and fill out the form. Or Better yet come join us at a meeting.

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