Hello boat racing fans! Seattle Drag & Ski has set up a display at this year's Lacey S.T.E.M. Fair & Grand Prix Electric Car Races on Saturday, May 2nd. What does boat racing have to do with this you ask? S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. What better way to get kids excited about these subjects than to show them the cool things they could build (RACE BOATS!) using these skills! Jeff Gibson has agreed to help out, and we'll be showing off his engineering marvel of a capsule flat bottom along with Aaron Murk's J hydro. Here's a link to the webpage: http://www.ci.lacey.wa.us/…/the-c…/arts-and-events/stem-fair


From the 2015 combined SD&S/SIRA Awards Banquet


Winningest Flatbottom: Dave Weber

Winningest Hydro: Nick Bononcini

Bernie Burn Down/Hard Luck: Barry Eacret

Atta Boy Andy: Jim Mauldin

Golden Muzzel: Dick Price/Jerry Dugan

Piss & Moan: Aaron Murk

APBA World Record 1 2/3 mile course: Sid Rennels 103.264mph

APBA 1/4 mile World Record: Austin Eacret 101.010mph

Doug Jancura Sportsman/Inspirational Award: Charlie Marquard

APBA Vintage "West Coast Event of the Year": SD&S Soap Lake